Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year, New Blog

I don't know what this whole "Spring Fever" concept is about, because I always get "January Fever" every year.  After all the crazy December schedules, junk-food indulging, feasting on big meals, and vacationing, I am always ready to start cleaning out closets in January.  So Blog got a clean-out, start-over, makeover too!  Check out the left side where we have family bios and pictures. On the right side, Blog now shows a few family videos from You Tube (sadly I'm WAY behind), and some nice music while you read.  Of course you'll have to pause the music if you want to watch a video at the same time!  There's also an archive of all past blogs. (Yes--when I first started, I was much more faithful at writing posts more often!)  My grandma keeps a binder of all the blog entries printed out from the very beginning--this helps remind me to keep the blog updated since she loves to read them and she's not exactly a computer-kind-of-grandma.  It's so full we're going to have to start a new binder makeover too! 

So in the spirit of clean-up, here's a wrap up of our favorite 2012 moments:

Bryan's birthday
Family game night (watch the video here)
School trivia night
Graeson taekwondo yellow belt
Home Depot and Lowe's kid workshops

Kaela cheerleading
High Desert Museum
Kids cooking (click here for more cooking stories)
Bryan San Francisco youth group trip
Indoor swim lessons

Bryan and Jill retreat in Sunriver
Riding the public buses (click here for that funny story)
Peterson Rock Garden
Graeson soccer
Visit from Laurel and Keira

Easter in Klamath Falls
Maezie's preschool princess party
Kaela gymnastics performance
Graeson taekwondo green belt
School carnival
(more on April catch-up click here)

Sunriver Nature Center
Mother's Day
Heart Focus camping (video from the year prior....2011)
Maezie's preschool graduation
Hiking at Smith Rock
Kaela's wax museum
Graeson's Miss Rumphius

Maezie's early birthday party
Kaela outdoor school
Erin's college graduation
Klamath Falls Gems baseball game
Father's Day (click here for what we love about Daddy)
$1 movies at the theater
Kaela's half birthday
Tumalo Falls

4th of July pet parade and festival
Kaela's first play "Honk!" (for the storyline of Honk! click here)
Family camping at Beverly Beach
Balloons Over Bend
Graeson taekwondo Demo Team
Floating the Deschutes River
Kaela and Graeson get baptized in the river

Jill and friends walk Haulin Aspen half-marathon
Lunch, books, and crafts in the park
Compass Church Adventure Days
High school camping
Maezie's 5th birthday (click here for Five Year Old Logic)
Munch and Movies in the park
Dee Wright Observatory and Skylight cave
Bend Elks baseball game
Obsidian hunting

First day of school (three kids at same school!)
Graeson flag football
Mountain View High football games
Drake Duck Race
Bend Day of Play
Jill's birthday
Graeson taekwondo high green belt
Kaela making a commercial (watch the funny video here)

First Friday art walk
Fall Festival
Bryan and Jill weekend in Portland
DD pumpkin ranch
Graeson taekwondo tournament
Trunk or Treat
Financial Fasting (click here to jump over to our other blog)

Graeson's 8th birthday
Family weekend at Eagle Crest
Thanksgiving in Bend (click here for 100 Thankfuls.....or just scroll down)
Bryan runs I Love Pie 10k race
Graeson taekwondo blue belt

Kaela's second play "It's A Wonderful Life"
Kaela's school Christmas program
Graeson's taekwondo & Maezie's gymnastics holiday show
Maezie's school Christmas program
Kaela's 11th birthday (click here for last year's 9.99)
Christmas in Bend
After-Christmas in Klamath Falls at Running Y

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