Monday, June 6, 2011

The Williams family has an announcement

The Williams family has an announcement!  (No, not pregnant…..)

I (Jill) have accepted a job at the hospice in Bend, Oregon so…..WE’RE MOVING!  The hospice is called Partners In Care and they have several divisions:  hospice, home health, hospice house, and transitions.  I will be the Patient Care Coordinator of the hospice division.  It’s a great opportunity for me, and it seems to be a perfect match.  I have seen their hospice in the past and have admired them from afar, having no idea I would ever leave my current hospice.  We’ve also visited the Bend area several times and have felt it’s a really great place.  So it’s a good move on all levels! 

This has been a journey of obedience to God’s direction, and in so doing we have already experienced His abundant blessings on our family.…and we know there is more yet to come!  Bryan and I both have been learning a lot about God’s faithful plan for us, and we are “confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.”  Philippians 1:6

Right now, we need some serious prayer!

·         Bryan to complete the multiple fix-it projects that are needed before we put the house on the market in two weeks.

·         Jill to pack, sort, clean, and prepare for an open house garage sale in less than 5 days….while still working full time.

·         Jill completing the final days/weeks of work at Klamath Hospice and the many details of finishing critical projects and training co-workers to fill the absence.

·         Kaela, Graeson, and Maezie to keep their child-like excitement about the new adventure.

·         A buyer for our house….quickly.  We KNOW God will sell our house, even in this bad economy, even this house which is in no way ready to sell.  But we can’t even pursue a new house until our house is completely sold.

·         The transition of moving our belongings to storage while we camp out in our RV for a few weeks to get settled in the new town, and possibly pursue a rental house.

·         Most of all….that we would be a witness of God’s faithfulness and His reign in our lives, to all we encounter throughout this whirlwind transition.

My new job starts on June 27, so we will be moving during the week prior…..which is less than three weeks!  We will keep our current cell phones, and will let you know when we have a permanent address.  And if you’d like to come help us out during the next two weeks, we’ll take it!