Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Blog Birthday

It's been one year since the birth of Adventures In Williams-Land, so for those of you just joining us, here's a recap of the blog family antics.  (Click on the titles to read the full blog posts, or find the blog archives to the right of this post.)

Last year we learned about Kaela Trivia and some of Kaela's favorite things.  She remains a devoted big sister, playing Star Wars with Graeson and playing house with Maezie.  As she enters third grade, she is spending more time reading her own chapter books as well as reading grown-up chapter books with Mommy, such as The Chronicles of Narnia series.  We are currently on book 4, and hope to finish book 5 before we watch the new Narnia movie in December.

A year ago, Graeson's Pretend Life was very prominent, as his extensive social life was hard to keep up with.  Since he has been in school five days a week, his real friends have taken a more primary role and his pretend life has mostly dissolved.  He does still mention Mickey every now and again, but it's generally in past tense.  Mommy knew Mickey's time was coming to an end when Mickey Tells Graeson Goodbye.  Graeson continues to have a very exciting imagination, as most little boys do, and he frequently says unintentionally funny things....which make them all the more funny!  He will be starting kindergarten this year, and last year there were hardly any girls in his age group.  So if it remains mostly boys, his classroom will undoubtedly be full of energy and noise!

Last year at this time Maezie was still Speaking Maezican and a great deal of interpretation was needed!  She quickly advanced to more comprehensible words, and now has a complete vocabulary.  She even tries to correct Graeson as he doesn't yet pronounce his "r" sounds correctly.  Once when he mentioned something about "Chwistmas" Maezie got three inches from his face and in her most helpful tone of voice said "say ChRRRRistmas".  He was not amused!  Maezie will be starting preschool two mornings a week, and like her siblings before her, learning what the world outside of Daddy involves.

Over the past year our family has had many adventures.  We've searched for The Perfect Tree at Christmas and we've also celebrated Easter Weekend.  We've had birthdays for 8 1/2 and 90 1/2 and we've gone Snow Camping.  Most of all, we've had tons of fun together!

So for blog's birthday, it got a new makeover!  There's new pictures and a new layout, and now you can click on the "reactions" buttons at the bottom.  And there's a comments section for you to leave your input.  We hope you've enjoyed getting to know the Williams family, and hopefully laughing and growing with us as well!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I never gave my permission for that

We've had a few milestones lately, and Mommy is having some issues with the passage of time. I have not given my permission for my babies to grow up. Now I do realize that I cannot in fact stop time, but can I at least have a warning before a new milestone occurs so I can pause, take a deep breath, and brace myself?

Maezie turned three on August 14. I never gave my permission for that.

Graeson lost his first tooth while we were camping. I never gave my permission for that.

Kaela is no longer in the children's clothes section, she's now in Juniors. I never gave my permission for that.

School shopping this year included Maezie. I never gave my permission for that.

A lunch box will go with Graeson to school this year. I never gave my permission for that.

The accessories store in the mall beckons Kaela to yearn for earrings and best-friend necklaces and mood rings. I never gave my permission for that.


I ask the kids on a regular basis:
Can you stay (two/five/eight) years old forever? No Mommy, that's silly!
Can you stop eating so you'll stop growing? We'll still grow!
Will you still cuddle with me when you're a teenager? Yes, but I'll be big!
Will you still be Mommy's baby? Yes Mommy, I love you.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven....He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:1 & 3:11

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 far

I would like to know who invented the phrase "the lazy days of summer" and ask that person if they had children....

Graeson played his second year of t-ball. For the parents, the YMCA program is are only on Saturdays, they last only an hour, and the entire season is only for six weeks. We could easily see how much more coordination Graeson had this year. And he was the fastest on his team!

Kaela's gymnastics program was in June. It was structured like a real gymnastics meet and each age group had their own performance. (The parents were all very thankful we didn't have to sit through hours of random jumping!) Kaela did a great job on the balance beam, the floor, and the bars. And her new leotard--with matching hair tie--came in the mail just hours before the performance!

And little "me too" practiced her gymnastics moves too. :)

Then we had Kaela's half birthday and for more on that story, see the previous blog post.

Grandma's birthday party was on the 4th of July and we got to see several relatives who came from out of town. More on that story too in the previous post.

We enjoyed some 4th of July fireworks in front of our house. We had earlier given our poor old dog a doggie sedative so he wouldn't go crazy with the noises. Maezie also went to bed early (but without a sedative!) after the busy day at the park and GG's party. And as you can see, it's not uncommon to need blankets and sweatshirts in Klamath Falls in July. Then Daddy took Kaela and Graeson to watch the city fireworks and stay up late!

Though we had a terrible June as far as summer weather, July eventually brought a hot spell. While the parents enjoyed the air conditioned house, the kids spent several days running through the sprinkler. Kaela is usually the brave one and gets wet first. Graeson will scope out his options then runveryfast! and maybe get a few drops on him. Maezie sticks in her pinky finger and says "I run in the sprinkler Mommy!"

Our first camping trip this year was less than enjoyable in the snow. This camping trip we arrived to 102 degrees. UGH! We did discuss whether freezing cold or squelching hot was more desirable. Our standard set up involves Bryan doing the outside work while I do the inside work. One of these days he's going to catch on that my portion involves air conditioning in the trailer! While we set up, the kids read books in the cool trailer.

Maezie enjoyed collecting dirt, rocks, sticks, and pine needles and making piles in empty chairs. Mommy and Daddy didn't enjoy that so much.

And of course, of all times, my sister Laurel's baby decided to come on the second day we were camping. And since I was her labor coach, I drove a friend's car back to town late Friday night while Bryan and the kids stayed camping with our friends. Baby Keira was born on Saturday afternoon weighing only 5 pounds 8 ounces. It was an enjoyable experience for me being on the coaching side of labor rather than the...uh laboring side of labor!

Still on the calendar for the next half of summer: Maezie's birthday, swim lessons, more camping, Tulelake fair, and Mom and Dad's favorite time of year....BACK TO SCHOOL!!