Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kaela trivia

This week it's time to write about Kaela! She is currently 7 1/2 years old (half's are very important in our house!) and is in second grade. Kaela is a typical first-born: she is responsible, compliant, easy-going, patient, smart. Also typical of first-born's, she is a "stewer"....she doesn't easily get upset, but when she does it all comes tumbling out.
Here's some trivia questions about Kaela Renae Williams:

When is Kaela's birthday?

Christmas Day, which just so happened to be her due date (see "compliant" above)! My mother still laughs at how I (a first-born-control-freak myself) managed to have my first child, a girl, on her due date, with a relatively easy labor, precisely how I had planned it. Kaela's birth solved the who's-family-do-we-spend-Christmas-with dilemma...instead, they all came to see us at the hospital, bringing TONS of food, fudge, cookies, pies, leftovers, more fudge, etc. We now celebrate at her half birthday on June 25. Hence the importance of recognizing that "half" status.

Who is Kaela's favorite person?

DADDY without a doubt. Bryan started being a stay-home-dad when Kaela was nine months old. They would go to the gym together, watch Sesame Street, watch football, and go to Home Depot. When Kaela was about 3 years old, and I was flipping channels, she demanded that I go back to ESPN because she wanted to watch the football game. In learning animal sounds, she learned that "what does a Beaver say" meant for her to say "touchdown!" Kaela's first day of preschool involved making a homemade placemat of "things that make me happy"....she glued on paper footballs and drew a picture of Home Depot.

What is Kaela's favorite color?

Pink! Now, mind you, I had planned that I was NOT going to have a girly-girl, but apparently that's not for me to decide. From toddlerhood, she would gravitate toward anything pink, but especially pink clothes. She now has a book called "Pinkalicious", has a pink backpack, pink shoes, pink socks, pink hair ties....the list goes on and on. I drew the line, however, at pink bedrooom walls and she settled for blue sky with white clouds and butterflies...yes, pink ones.

What does Kaela like about being a big sister?

She loves "babysitting Maezie", especially when Mommy has work to do and needs Kaela to keep her 2-year-old sister occupied. Kaela will read books to her, play games, help her color, show her how to clean up, and even rock her at bedtime. Kaela also likes the privileges of being able to do things that Graeson can't do yet like 100-peice puzzles, wood painting, writing in a journal, and going to school for the full day.

When did Kaela ask Jesus into her heart?

When she was 4 1/2, we were reading a chapter each night of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. When we got to the part where Aslan is killed, she was mortified that bad people would kill a good king. She was able to understand the similarites of Aslan taking the penalty for Edmund's betrayal, with Jesus paying the penalty for our sins. She excitedly went to her room, into the back of her closet, to pray that Jesus would be in her heart forever.

If you've never read it, I highly recommend "The Birth Order Book--Why You Are The Way You Are" by Kevin Leman. He describes first born, middle child, and family baby and how birth order affects personality, relationships, marriage, parenting, and even your relationship with God. It's very easy to read, and it's hilarious as you see your own family right there on the pages.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Speaking Maezican

I have always enjoyed the special ability that mothers have to translate what their toddlers are attempting to say. It is also amusing when the older siblings serve as translator as well. It's as if our family is privy to a secret code that only we can decipher. Over the past three children we have spoken different languages including Kaelish, Graesonese, and Maezican. Here are some of our favorite words that Maezie uses.

bar gar = garbage

shuh bug = shoo bug (usually with a flicking of the wrist involved)

bit a nana = banana

booky, feety, cuppy, bowly = adding a y to the end of book, feet, cup, bowl

mickeys = her croc shoes with a Mickey Mouse jibbit

weed bye bull = read Bible

WOAR!! = roar at anything that moves, especially birds

oo oo ee ee = monkey noises

bil loon = balloon

apple os = applesauce

hoe dyu = hold you (pick me up)

clof-clof = wash cloth

fire = pacifier (now retired, thank goodness!)

MIIIIINNNNE!!! = Graeson is in her personal space, near her personal space, looking at her personal space, or thinking about her personal space

Hope this helps for the next time you are in Maezican country! We'll be happy to translate...for a small fee, of course. After all, we are part of a special club....one that requires regular dues which include lots of work, and tons of hugs.