Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy on the planet!  Here's what we love about our Daddy...

1. his cooking
2. he takes us to the park
3. we ride bikes together
4. he takes care of us
5. he takes us places
6. he helps with our homework
7. he loves us
8. he likes to be with us
9. he stays home
10. he gets groceries

1. he picks us up at school
2. he takes care of us
3. we read my Bible together
4. we go shooting together
5. riding bikes together
6. going to the park
7. playing
8. cuddling
9. he loves us
10. his cooking

1. hugs and kisses
2. he loves us
3. we watch TV together
4. cuddling
5. he helps me with my bath
6. he brushes my hair
7. he helps me with chores
8. going swimming
9. reading books
10.  writing my letters

1. his faith in Jesus
2. his love and commitment to me
3. his undying love for our kids
4. being a stay-at-home-dad
5. he cooks
6. he cleans
7. he drives the entire family.....everywhere
8. he picks out better movies
9. family outings
10. coffee dates