Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Speaking Maezican

I have always enjoyed the special ability that mothers have to translate what their toddlers are attempting to say. It is also amusing when the older siblings serve as translator as well. It's as if our family is privy to a secret code that only we can decipher. Over the past three children we have spoken different languages including Kaelish, Graesonese, and Maezican. Here are some of our favorite words that Maezie uses.

bar gar = garbage

shuh bug = shoo bug (usually with a flicking of the wrist involved)

bit a nana = banana

booky, feety, cuppy, bowly = adding a y to the end of book, feet, cup, bowl

mickeys = her croc shoes with a Mickey Mouse jibbit

weed bye bull = read Bible

WOAR!! = roar at anything that moves, especially birds

oo oo ee ee = monkey noises

bil loon = balloon

apple os = applesauce

hoe dyu = hold you (pick me up)

clof-clof = wash cloth

fire = pacifier (now retired, thank goodness!)

MIIIIINNNNE!!! = Graeson is in her personal space, near her personal space, looking at her personal space, or thinking about her personal space

Hope this helps for the next time you are in Maezican country! We'll be happy to translate...for a small fee, of course. After all, we are part of a special that requires regular dues which include lots of work, and tons of hugs.


  1. Cute Jill! She's really sweet. I'm glad you guys are having so much fun with your kids.

  2. Now that I am a regular part of Tate's life, I have become quite good at interpreting his language as well. I even have to tell Emily what he is saying sometimes because he is picking up words so quickly at this time! It is so fun and rewarding to be a part of all of this! I enjoyed reading your blog very much.