Sunday, August 30, 2009

Graeson's Pretend Life

As you probably know, Graeson (age 4 1/2) has a creative imagination. He has several imaginary friends and he says he has a "real" life and a "pretend" life. So here's a little glimpse into his pretend life:

  • Mickey (Mickey Mouse): first and best friend, birthday November 20 (per Graeson's report), age 3 1/2, primary playmate. Mickey occasionally misbehaves and has to be put in time out. Mickey also gets blamed for things that Graeson actually does. Last Fall, Mickey went camping and didn't come home until the Williams family went camping in May. At that time, Mickey came home to take care of our house. After that, they were reunited again.

  • Chuck: substitute friend, birthday November 11, age 4 1/2 (exact same age as Graeson), first appeared while Mickey was camping. Plays with Graeson when Mickey is gone (which happens frequently apparently).

  • His Boss: never actually appears but calls him on the phone several times a day and "tells me what to do". His Boss gives him instructions about what project they are working on. Projects could be anything from construction projects to science projects.

  • His Singer: performs concerts, tells Graeson which songs to sing for his own concerts, recruits other imaginary friends to perform in the concert. Graeson reports his first Singer died because he had a crack in his heart, so this is the second Singer.

  • His Daughters: 20 daughters actually, all of which are age 2 (like Maezie, he says). Their mother died and since he's their Dad, Graeson has to take care of them. Chuck helps out sometimes too.

  • Lightening: this is the race car he drives, his number on the side is 100, and he is 13 years old.

  • Choo-Chuck: last resort friend, plays with Graeson when all the other friends are gone (usually somewhere with Mickey. like shopping).

As I'm asking Graeson to tell me about his friends, he wants to tell me about the other things in his pretend life. He says "this will take a while". He begins with the fact that he has a chainsaw, two four-wheelers, two motorcycles, a water fountain, a boat, a candy truck, a water truck, and "basically everything that I have in my room". This is in addition to several John Deere tractors. He says that in his pretend life, he does everything he would do in his real life, and he and his friends get to ride his above listed equipment.

So.....don't you wish you had a pretend life?