Friday, February 24, 2012

Kids in the Kitchen

Bryan loves being a stay-home dad, and he also loves to cook.  So the kids have naturally absorbed a love of cooking as well.  Kaela (age 10) has already advanced to a "cooking for teenagers" cookbook.  Graeson (age 7) mostly likes to make snacks and desserts, but occasional kid meals as well.  Here's some of their masterpieces.....

Kaela made jambalaya--it was quite complicated with chicken, shrimp, sausage, rice, tomatoes....and more!

Graeson found a new cookbook at the library and he made chocolate vanilla swirl cookies.  (Unfortunately, they ended up not having much flavor, so we decided to add honey and powdered sugar on top.)

Maezie's friend Ella came to our house for a play date and we made chocolate thumbprint cookies with peanut butter inside--yum!

Graeson has been wanting to make homemade pizza for a long time, so he made sausage, pepperoni, and olive pizza.  The recipe called for ketchup as the pizza sauce--mom and dad wrinkled their nose at that part--but we were pleasantly surprised and it tasted great!

We've been making friendship bread, which is a dough starter.  You mash the dough bag every day for 10 days, then you bake bread.  We've been trying out tons of different recipes, so this was Kaela's choice for chocolate Nutella friendship bread with Nutella butter cream frosting.

Graeson also made a different kind of pizza--cookie dessert pizza!  He chose mint chocolate cups and marshmallows.

Kaela and her cousin Kacy made Kaela's birthday cupcakes this year.  Then they made a second batch just so they could eat the raw batter!

One of our family traditions is Friday Family Night and this particular night we chose to bake together.  We made Cake Cookies (made out of cake box batter) with frosting in the middle--they were SO good!

If any of you come to visit us, we'll definitely cook for you!

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