Saturday, May 26, 2012

April catch-up

April was a busy month in the Williams family!  We bought some new bikes so we could go on family bike rides together when the weather is nice.  We got Maezie a "tag-a-long" bike which attaches to the back of Daddy's bike.  She LOVES it!  She pedals her little legs and thinks she's going so fast on Daddy's bike! We even got some little pink handle grips.

Maezie went to a "preschool princess party" at her school.  All the little girls wore their best dress, and made their own crown, painted their nails, wore princess sashes....and got to meet a real princess!  Maezie's eyes just lit up when she saw a princess "in real life!"  This princess happened to be the teacher's daughter who has been a local pageant princess--she organized the preschool princess party as one of her community service events.

April brought slightly warmer weather (only slightly!) and we got a new outdoor fire pit.  Bryan has wanted one for a long time, and our new house has a perfect little cut-out area on our back porch.  For one of our Friday Family Nights we roasted marshmallows in our back yard and made s'mores.  The kids had a blast!

Kaela had her gymnastics performance in April.  She performed on the balance beam, the bars, and a floor exercise.  One of the new coaches, Mohini Bhardwaj, was actually in the Olympics in Athens in 2004!

Maezie started swim lessons in April--our local fitness center has several pools for different age levels and abilities.  So Maezie got to be in a smaller pool for ages 6 and under.  She had some anxiety at first, but she had a great time and learned how to kick and blow bubbles in the water!

And at the end of April, Graeson was ready to once again go forth for taekwondo testing for the next level--green belt.  At this level, he demonstrated his skill by breaking a board with his elbow--HIY!

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