Saturday, May 26, 2012

January catch-up

Did you miss us?  It's been a couple of months without blogging.  I wish I had a good reason but....just busy I guess.  So now I'm taking on the ambitious project of doing five blogs in a row, to catch up the past five months.  We'll see how it turns out!

January finds the Williams family resting and recovering from the busy holiday season.  We started going to the library every Saturday for story time.  Kaela has learned how to use the library website to reserve the books she wants.  Most of the weekend the only time we "see" her is with a book covering her face!  Graeson likes to read Sports Illustrated Kids magazine.  Maezie loves the interactive story time which also means singing, dancing, and making a craft.  This is Maezie listening to one of the stories on the computer.

At the end of January, Graeson had progressed in taekwondo to where he was ready to test for the next level.  Taekwondo teaches martial arts as well as self-control and self-discipline.  These are very good characteristics for an active 7 year old boy!  He started as a white belt, and then tested for his yellow belt.  Graeson and Daddy spent some time at home practicing his moves as well as practicing the required Korean words.  He did a great job!  I tried to upload a video of him "sparring" good.  But here's a picture of Graeson's yellow belt!

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