Saturday, May 26, 2012

March catch-up

March brought a family field trip to Peterson Rock Garden just north of Bend.  This cute little roadside attraction is another great family place to visit, and has a "good old days" feel to it.  I can't possibly explain in words but there are hundreds of rock-built creations:  houses, castles, bridges, gardens, fountains, statue of liberty, flags.....the place goes on and on!  Inside the gift shop is a black-light dark-room where you can see fun rocks that glow.  There were also plenty of peacocks strutting around, and a couple who even displayed their full feather display while walking down the driveway!

Graeson started indoor soccer in April--an interesting set-up with no practices and no coaches, but the referees do some coaching during the games.  Graeson's team was mostly boys, though it is a co-ed league.  I was unable to upload a video of him playing soccer, but here's a picture--it's hard to catch him in focus because he's always moving!

March also brought a visit from Auntie Laurel and Baby Keira from Portland.  It was fun having just the two of them with us--usually our visits are with the big extended family, so it was nice to have some time together with just us!  Keira didn't need much time to get warmed up to us, and she chased the kids around as fast as her little legs would go!  She wasn't too fond of our kitty at first, but after a while all we heard was her little voice saying "meow? meow?" which meant "I want kitty to come here!"  Here are pictures of Maezie and Keira with matching pajamas; Graeson and Keira playing together in the morning; and Kaela reading to Keira at the library.

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