Monday, October 4, 2010

Summer, part two

In the words of my friend Sarabeth, I really want to start doing a better job of updating this blog! The problem is that in my compartmental brain I just can't bring myself to do things out of order. So I get further and further behind, and then it seems like an overwhelming task to catch up. And (here's the REAL reason I have to admit) I decide to do something else with my valued evening time after the kids are quietly in bed. But practically every day, I think "I should blog about that" and some of you even tell me the same thing!  But since I can't do things out of get the point.  (Sarabeth, I'm really not stalking you, you just said it so perfectly!)

The second half of summer brought continued fun in the Williams family.  On August 14, Maezie turned THREE!  She was so excited for her birthday!  I did her hair to match Kaela's with french braids, tiny butterfly clips, and an added flower.  Maezie, as is the curse of all little sisters, got a repeat party of what her older sister had at the same age.  (Yes, Laurel, I feel you hollering at the computer right now!)  Fortunately, she just so happens to like the same things!  So Dora the Explorer was the party theme and Maezie thought the best place for a fun time was at GG's house.  We had cupcakes, orange creamsicles, raspberry soda, and tons of fun.  And Maezie inadvertently introduced her cousin Kyle to a love of pink baby dolls.  :)

Later in August, we went on a camping trip with Mom and Mike.  It was the best low-maintenance camping trip ever!  My agenda was to read, drink wine coolers, then start over again.  Mission accomplished!  Our most frequented campground is Joseph Stewart State Park (Medford area), partially because it has a great play area for the kids.  We chose a site where we could see the kids without having to leave our lawn chairs.  The kids played in the water fountain and wading pool for hours, sometimes only coming back when they'd get hungry.  They participated in the Junior Ranger program and learned a lot about wildlife as well as spent some time exploring the park.  AND Graeson lost his first tooth while we were camping...we only discovered it was loose about three days prior, and he wiggled it constantly (constantly!) until it was loose enough for Mommy to pull.  Then the next day Kaela had a loose tooth come out too!  Bryan and I were digging through the ash tray for money!

Then before school started, we went on our annual day trip to the Tulelake fair with our friends Steve and Rene.  (It's always nice to have an extra set of substitute grandparents handy!)  This was the first year we chose a Sunday afternoon, and we got all-day bracelets for the kids.  We experienced great exhibits, saw lots of animals--Kaela and Graeson even milked a goat--had tons of yummy food, and rode lots of rides.  Kaela and Daddy rode on the big ferris wheel, but Graeson wasn't ready to tackle that yet.  I commented to Bryan that this might be our last year bringing a stroller...but then we decided we'd have no way to lug all our stuff!

And now we're already full swing into Fall schedules with kids in school including Maezie two mornings a week, gymnastics, soccer, making lunches....oh, but we don't want to get out of order.  That will be next time.


  1. I'm with Graeson. The faris wheel is scary.
    Thanks for the update!!

  2. Don't worry. I feel the same way. But I just try to look at it as a family journal so they won't really care someday if they ever care to go back and read what they did when they were little. Just write stuff down and don't worry too much :) I'm off to blog so I'm not a hypocrite :)

  3. Well I'm glad someone else is as anal as I am :) I need you to teach me how to do girls' hair. Jayna gets pigtails or one ponytail, and that's about all I can do!