Saturday, September 11, 2010

Maezie likes pictures

Maezie decided this morning she wanted to look at pictures on the computer.  "What pictures do you want to see?"  "ME!  ME!  I want to see pictures of ME!"  So we thought we'd share how we spent our morning.

"Now I want to see pictures of Kaela."  Yes, your majesty....

"And now Graeson."  Yes ma'am....

"Now pictures of Daddy."  Daddy doesn't get his picture taken near as much as the kids do, but he's still cute!

"And now I want pictures of Mommy."  Apparently Mommy is behind the camera most of the time!  This is all we could find since April!


  1. Aw. Good pics! I really laughed out loud when I saw Bryan in that toddler bed lol

  2. So sweet! Aren't you glad you take so many pictures now?