Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When You Are My Age

This Christmas for Kaela's 10th birthday, I got her a book called "Just Mom and Me" from the American Girl line.  (See last year's post "Girl Talk" for a similar story.)  This book has a variety of short activities for girls and their moms to do together--so far the activities we've done are comparing a list of likes/dislikes, hiding surprise coupons around the house ("free 15 minute neck massage"), and interviewing specific questions.  Tonight Kaela chose a questionnaire "When You Are My Age" where Kaela asked me a list of questions about when I was 10, and I asked her questions about when she'll be 35.  Daddy, of course, can't stand to be left out of the fun, so he comes in and hears the answers too.  Tonight was both entertaining (Kaela giggling non-stop) as well as enlightening.

Kaela's interview questions for her mom "When you were my age...."
What you spent your allowance on:  blue creme soda and Reese's peanut butter cups
Stuffed animal or doll you couldn't sleep without:  Flower Patch dolls
Pet you dreamed of having:  dog
Best friend:  my cousin Heather
Food your parents made you eat:  brussel sprouts at Thanksgiving
Best school subject:  reading and spelling
Worst school subject:  geography (Kaela didn't know how to spell it so we agreed on social studies)
Least favorite chore:   folding the whites...too many socks
Funkiest fashion you followed:  side ponytails
Most embarrassing moment:  pretending to kiss a boy during the school play

Mommy's interview questions for Kaela "When you are my age...."
Where you will live:  Canada....but I guess if I have to stay in America then at least Washington
Job you will have:  doctor who works in a hospital, not a doctor's office
House rule you'll make:  no putting stickers on the wall
House rule you'll break:  no drawing on the walls....just in the bedroom will be ok
Pets you will have:  two cats
Number of children you'd like to have:  one.  Ok maybe two.  No I think twin girls.
What you would name a daughter:  Amanda and McKenzie
Advice you'd give her:  always ask for help
Allowance you'd pay her:  three dollars a week (mom note: this is three times what Kaela makes now)
How you'd make her earn it:  cleaning the whole house....cuz it will be three dollars!

I asked Kaela if I could keep the interview sheets tonight and give them back to her in the morning.  She replied, "Why, are you going to blog about it?"

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  1. So cute! I love that idea. We were thinking of doing some sort of interview like this on each birthday or at the new year or something. Kaela's answers were so cute :)