Monday, July 11, 2011

Moving update

Moving Part One
Three weeks ago we packed up all our belongings, loaded up the moving truck, and moved everything into a storage unit in Bend. We had previously had a giant garage sale and downsized quite a bit, but the truck as well as the storage unit were packed right up to the door! Our house went on the market, and we had several interested lookers before we even left! Then we spent a couple of days at my dad's house outside of Bend just relaxing. Much needed after a very hectic and sleep-deprived two weeks prior! We then headed back to Klamath so Bryan could work, we could fulfill some appointments, and we could clean the empty house.

Moving Part Two
Two weeks ago we loaded all the remaining odds and ends into our trailer, said goodbye to the house, and moved to our temporary location--staying in our RV trailer at my dad's. Brothers Oregon, 40 miles east of Bend, is the picture of "the middle of nowhere". We probably doubled the population when we rolled in. There's no internet (dial up doesn't count!), so our electronic communications are via our phones. But we quickly discovered some of the many benefits of Bend (#1--Costco!) and even met two neighbor kids in Brothers. The next day, I started my new job! So far, it's been going great--although I'd like orientation to move a little faster--and Bryan and the kids are handling the slow-paced country life pretty well.

Moving Part Three
Presently, we have made the decision to move into a rental house. The good news is we do in fact qualify to buy a new house, even though our old house hasn't sold yet. We have found a house that we really like, so we will start the process this week. The bad news is that nearly all the houses for sale are short sales. If you are like me, you may not understand all the complications of a short sale, but there's nothing "short" about it. The process could take two months, or it could take eight months. And it's not guaranteed that our offer would even be accepted. So, with that in mind, and the need to be settled by the time school starts, we felt it was wise to move into a rental house while we wait. Hopefully, that will happen this week!

Moving Part Four
The future phase of moving will happen in a few months when we have finished the buying process. As of this writing, we have no idea when that will actually occur. We are hoping it will at least be before Christmas, but that's no guarantee either. In the meantime, our rental house is less than a mile from my work, and we'll no longer be driving 80 miles a day! AND....we'll have internet!

Thanks to all of you for your help, even what may seem small or insignificant. We appreciate all of you for your support and prayer through this transition!

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