Sunday, February 13, 2011


Ah December.  "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"  I love Christmastime!  But....I freely admit I'm happy when it's over and we can REST!  (Refer back to last year's December for all the Williams family events!)

Kaela's was the first Christmas program this year.  She is always in the very back row (with all the tall people, of course!) so she gets her best picture either before or after the program.  Hopefully soon I will figure out how to upload videos because Kaela could not stop yawning during her program!  Any long "Hallelujaaaaaah" and it became a yawn.  It was so funny!

Next came Maezie's very first Christmas stinkin' cute!  She did such a good job and knew all the words and motions!  And she swayed her little hips in time to the music....adorable!

Then came Graeson's program and he also did a great job!  He is so energetic I'm never sure what to expect, but he is perfectly self-controlled at school and I'm always pleasantly surprised.  His teacher says he is very well-behaved and is a model for the other students!  (He gets that from his mother of course...)

Christmas means family time, so we got to see Baby Keira...oh, and her mother too :)  It's so funny for me to see a BALD baby because none of the Williams babies were bald, that's for sure!  But Keira is just like her mommy was in that area!  (Laurel, I'll refrain from posting any of your baby pictures here!)  In addition to all the in-towner's, we also got to visit with Uncle Brad (Jill's brother), and cousin Cassie and her family.  If I'm counting right, we had 26 people on Christmas Day.....and that's not even the entire extended family.  (Thanks Jack and Lisa for hosting!)

Christmas Eve is at GG's house....eating, singing, eating, presents, get the idea.  And getting our fill of holding Baby Keira too!

On Christmas Day Kaela turned NINE years old!  How did THAT happen?!!?

And then there's the Christmas "after".....ugh.  But we tackled it together and got the house back to normal (actually, better than normal!) pretty quickly this year.

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