Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas interview

Merry Christmas from the Williams family!

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?
Kaela (age 9)—it’s my birthday and Jesus’ birthday
Graeson (age 6)—it was Jesus’ birthday
Maezie (age 3)—Christmas books

Why do we send Christmas cards?
Kaela—so you can tell people what’s happening
Graeson—so people know we love them
Maezie—because it’s Christmas!

What do you like about school?
Kaela—fun crafts
Graeson—all my friends are there

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Kaela—a doctor
Graeson—a policeman….and I’ll play concerts with my guitar on my days off
Maezie—a monster!

Where do you like to go for fun?
Maezie—the park

What activities do you like to do?
Kaela—gymnastics and swimming
Graeson—play games
Maezie—play tea party

How do you earn money?
Kaela—clean the bathroom and clean my room
Graeson—doing laundry, feeding the fish, and cleaning my room
Maezie—laundry and pick up toys

Where did you celebrate your birthday?
Kaela—at the park
Graeson—at the bowling alley and I played on TWO lanes!
Maezie—GG’s house

When will you move out of the house?
Graeson—when I’m married
Maezie—when a monster comes

Who is your favorite relative?
Kaela—baby Keira

Why did God put you in our family?
Kaela—because he knew it would be a good place
Graeson—because Mommy & Daddy would love me
Maezie—because I wanted him to!

Who is the boss at our house?
Kaela—Mommy, because she likes to be the boss
Graeson—Daddy, because when you get married the girl has to go to the husband’s house
Maezie—Daddy, because he has a beard

What will you be like as a teenager?
Kaela—a gymnast
Graeson—a person who likes to hunt
Maezie—a princess

What do you do during afternoon quiet time?
Graeson—listen to music and have concerts
Maezie—I play when I’m not supposed to

What do you like to wear?
Graeson—Beaver clothes
Maezie—my dancing skirt

Who does the most work in our house?
Kaela—Daddy, because he stays home and takes care of all the kids
Graeson—Daddy, because he cooks and cleans the floors
Maezie—Daddy, but he just does one chore

What makes you happy?
Kaela—cuddling with Mommy
Graeson—helping Mommy and Daddy

What are you not good at?
Maezie—coloring on the wall

What do we do together as a family?
Kaela—play games
Graeson—watch movies
Maezie—play in the snow

Anything else you’d like to say?
Kaela—I love Mommy and Daddy
Graeson—Merry Christmas!
Maezie—can I be done?


  1. Love the coloring on the wall comment! LOL! Has she stopped doing that yet? Oh, and also Kaela's favorite relative, next best thing to me of course!