Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall is the best time of year!

This weekend the kids had tons of fun at different Fall events. Saturday we went to the "Scarecrow Row" in downtown Klamath Falls. We rode on a two-horse wagon....and just so happened to be in the parade! Then all the downtown stores gave out candy for the kids, even the jewelry and china stores....YIKES!

On Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch and corn maze. Each kid got to pick out their own pumpkin, but THEY had to be the one to carry it. It's very interesting to watch each one's strategy for choosing....Kaela has certain characteristics in mind when she looks to find "the perfect pumpkin". Graeson has to look at all of them, then decide which one speaks to him. And Maezie was satisfied with the little one that she could carry.

After choosing pumpkins, we decided to tackle the corn maze. Daddy and the kids went through (with the map--smart!) and made it out in about 20 minutes. So my friend Nikki and I decided we'd wander through, no real plan for "conquering" the maze, but we thought it would be fun to just meander around and spend some quality friend time. Eventually we realized we had no map and our leader was a five year old. So an hour later Bryan came in after us and we had to call each other's cell phones in order to find each other. (Ever played the game "Marco Polo" person trying to find the other by sound!) It was a bit humerous!
We had a great Fall weekend!

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  1. Great stories and pictures!! What a beautiful family (and a beautiful day!).